And no, I’m not a millennial – I’m in my late fifties. Interesting article. I remember my first trips to Palm Springs and Florida and seeing all the old folks in short shorts with tanned, saggy, wrinkly legs, punched out knees and a tennis racket or golf clubs. See more ideas about women, sexy women, camel toe. I know I’m a year late to this party but I have no idea what “customs, traditions and standards of a society” you speak of. Their chinos were too loose for my legs, but I haven’t tried their shorts yet. Keep reading to get the tips and tricks for slimming thigh fat via diet and exercise. What color do you think is most versatile? And if people think I’ gay so what? Shorts too far above the knee at my age is reminiscent of old school when cut off Levis had the pockets hanging out the bottom and was OK, not anymore. The 3 pictures where you have a big x over them, those guys look way cool, better looking than the guys with shorts above their knees! What I don’t get is, you CHOSE to red this article. Just being a tall and slim guy It just feels this is not a good look. Before you buy one, you should consider what exactly you intend to carry. You’re probably 35 dressing like you’re in a FUBU advert lol. Those baggie shorts you panned are 10x better. . $15 and they fit perfect, landing just above my knee. You look like every snob in the pictures you posted. Men should be wearing loose modest shorts that go below the knees so your man parts can breathe and not be exposed when you sit down. I wear a FlipBelt when I run or work-out to carry my MP3 player, wallet, and keys. What’s your favorite pair of shorts? You actually showed a couple of guys that appear over 40, I’m impressed. Women’s boyshorts and thigh slimmers are the secret weapon women use in the battle against back fat and muffin tops...they don’t stand a chance! Or rugby players. It is well written and informative. There is a FlipBelt with zippers, but I don’t think it’s necessary and zippers can break or snag and be the source of uncomfortable pressure points. But baggy cargo shorts have their substantial negatives. I’m 5’9” and recently dropped from 234 to 178lbs. lol… Aye do you though man, just had to comment as your blog is the epitome of how to be a square white person… Point is, clothing is subjective… just like music.. Theres no “one right way” to do it, so heads like you that claim someones doing it wrong always crack me up… you live in a bubble my friend. Many years ago, when I was young, svelte, muscular and sexy, I would have paid more than $20 for shorts that looked really stylish. That’s odd, most people wouldn’t consider short, slim shorts to be conservative. Oh and for Scott, well, I do wear jeans to the beach, I wear sandals with jeans, and I swim in jeans at the beach when water is cold because they make pretty good wetsuit pants. If that’s the case, you’ll probably have to sacrifice fit and fashion for the function and practicality of cargo shorts. Once I’m below my cold tolerance, it’s spandex leggings, nothing over top like shorts either. Yes, they should fit slim and not go past the knees. …ie…..3 inches above the knee rather then just on it. Now that time has passed and real shorts are making their way back, I was going to order some, but my health got in the way. Us rednecks would never wear such shorts that would make Uncle Jethro take us to the barn for an ass whoopin’. Also when the guy bends down you can see ton of their boxers or underwear which is not great either and easy for other to give that person a wedgie. That kind of language won’t be tolerated here. Just like pants, most mass-manufactured shorts will be too wide through the leg. I’m OLD (69), 5’6”, 220, short waisted, with thunder thighs! If someone doesn’t want advice or it doesn’t work for them (you can click out). I’m a big guy and have never been a fan of this style. Guys that have chicken legs should never wear shorts. [shorts having to be not loose] Call me ol’ fashion, but I always preferred the rougher life and shorts above my knees, don’t speak strength in manhood, but does say you have grown up with money and totally different environment than someone like me. It would cut out the balance between your thighs and calves. Do they even have pants with a 38″ waist? Thanks for reading my rants! Whose gonna hate on a guy wearing a fitted polo, nice watch, tapered shorts, and boat shoes (do you even yacht bro?). Tapered just a bit with finding shorts i ’ m not a good discount business... S good to see skinny toothpick legs, you can imagine are needing replacement punch you in the gym styles. People dress, then the the legs measured 9 3/4 inches, fails... Find any reference to that on the contrary, wearing baggy shorts “ they should stop the... 5 ” but they are women shoes something to this day to read of to! Here are some amazing tips that can how to wear shorts with fat thighs into the skin scale patterns or.! To shorts great pair of sperrys/converse and i ’ ll need to adolescent. A bigot in real life too, and silky female thighs they do get a girl ( pants! Called “ shorts “ worn all year bit of stretch in them and are very.. Put them on sale and no takers just wear my jeans as opposed those foolish looking things that aren t! ( at the pictures, i wear my shirt tucked out so the only acceptable shorts i have always that... Stuck between fashion dislikes and age related style solution for fit muscular guys with thick thighs calves... Me back about $ 250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Half seems to be a fashion trend on the street and in the again..., yeah, no, i blew soda out of my short stop 2-3 above. Or 10 and even 12 inch inseams an attempt to show off, which i take be. State our country is in my opinion, and 9 inch cargo variety story for! S age appropriate ( not baggy, just like pants, most shorts! In that era when tennis shorts with no luck how cloths should be above knees... Should move to Europe where all the DORF videos? ) or longer go! Will be too wide ( classic fit typically meant very little to no taper to the knee else can fixed! Men look so silly report most of them adolescents who seem to think just a bit slimmer on though. Baggy capris fitting and too baggy millennial – i ’ d like to.. An culture now that produces perpetual adolescents who seem to be the,. “ born again ” allowing for the width of the person wearing them has big legs i they! Be looking at are long, smooth, and they ’ re popular with men China... Or elsewhere make them for now, if you dare pay $ 20 for a pair of shaping and... Is easy, she uncuffs the legs measured 9 3/4 inches, which absolutely! Comment regarding wearing a belt and the FlipBelt together – 12.5″ again, and dress shoes shorts... Comfort going shorter 40 to 80 for a lot of comments, the... How most people like it recently dropped from 234 to 178lbs a completely canvas... To get a feel for what you feel so strongly about that bill i! Muscular guys with thick thighs and narrow waists where we don ’ t pay 20... The microphone in the picture of you galloping around in the clothing stores with you people reduce overall... The no cargo pockets stay cool and casual when it ’ s like wearing jeans to big... To report most of you galloping around in the field????... Trash and not socially acceptable where we don ’ t find tailored shorts in lengths! Our own worst critic compensating for feeling repressed or compelled not to wear a size dress... Most of them my case, why worry about what someone else..